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Video Chat Software for Insurance Industry

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Improved sales, service, retention, and claims settlement


With Eazyshow, insurance agents can provide a high-touch white-glove experience remotely, resulting in a more efficient customer service experience. By using HD video chat, agents increase the efficiency of their meetings with clients while minimizing the cost of traveling to meetings in person. They can easily walk customers through the onboarding process using Eazyshow’s collaboration tools (screen share, co-browse, document share/ transfer). At the same time, Eazyshow helps insurance companies complete and settle claims more efficiently.

Eazyshows KYC features are ideal to meet security and regulation requirements of the insurance industry, and regulators. Agents can quickly verify a customer’s identity with Eazyshow. Eazyshow’s agile platform can sync with your workflow and is fully integrated with various CRMs including, Salesforce which many insurance companies use. 

Faster claims processing and improved efficiency:

  • Communicate with customers using live text, voice, and video from any device and any platform.
  • Collaborative browsing of website pages (both in front and behind a login).
  • Complete insurance applications as well as claim forms with your customer and guide them in the process.
  • Share, review and annotate documents with the customer in real-time to explain, provide support, or present marketing materials.
  • Entirely browser-based, no downloads or installations required.


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