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Revolutionize Customer Service with Mobile Video Chat

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Let your customers interact with you directly from their mobile device browser or app!

Mobile Video Chat and Tablets Overview

Customers can contact your agents from anywhere instantly and spontaneously while being connected to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. Text chat, video chat, content sharing and co-browsing capabilities are designed to take full advantage of latest technologies, which are enabled on Android and iOS smartphones and tablet devices (some limitations apply based on operating system, and platform; browser/in-app).

Mobile Video Chat Features

Mobile interaction can be done via mobile browsers or in-app via Eazyshow’s SDK. The solution and includes the following.

Live Mobile Chat

Eazyshow supports mobile chat:

  • Plugin-free, browser-based – no app or installation required!
  • Supports Android smartphones and tablets and Apple iOS iPhone and iPad devices
  • Text chat with an agent
  • Chat can also be provided for embedding within a native app, via an Android or iOS SDKs

Mobile Video Chat

Eazyshow supports WebRTC browser-based mobile video chat on Android devices that use Chrome. The customer clicks on the call button, and the agent can start the video chat when the platform detected a compatible device and browser. One or two way audio or video chat is then supported.

The customer can turn on their video camera so that the agent could speak with the agent, see him or her, or use the mobile device as a tool to show the agent real-life objects that they discuss.

This feature can also be provided via an Android or iOS SDK for embedding within a native app.

Mobile interaction can be done via mobile browsers or in-app via Easyshow’s SDK (iOS or Android). The solution and includes the following.

Mobile Co-browser

A customer requiring help with finding certain items on the vendor’s website can request a co-browsing session. The agent and customer can co-browse the site, without any app or software installation required, as the solution is HTML5-based. Such customer assistance can provided on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Content Sharing

The customer and agent can respectively upload and share documents and images and discuss them while they communicate via chat or phone. The customer can also take a picture and share it in real-time with the agent!

VeriShow’s Live Mobile Touch is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who wants to interact in person with agents. As mobile devices are slowly but surely become the main interactive tool of consumers, we expect Live Mobile Touch usage to continue to grow.

Use case Scenarios

  • E-commerce – The customer wants to get instructions on assembling a certain kit they have just bought or find out if vendor has a certain item they are looking for.
  • Health Care – Patients can interact in person with a nurse to get more accurate information as far as results from a specific test.
  • Finance – A customer calls an insurance company from her tablet and wants to get an insurance quote for a house she considers buying. The Agent brings up information about the available rate and shares it directly with the customer on screen on her mobile device. She can view it and discuss it in real-time with the agent while she is inspecting the house.
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