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Eazyshow improves the efficiency Real Estate Development

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As the leader of a global real estate development company, we look for tools that enable our business to run more efficiently. Real Estate development is evolving into a global enterprise as developers are becoming more confident to invest in out-of-town and overseas markets.

It is not uncommon to find US-based developers investing in Portugal and European-based developers investing in Africa. These investments are being facilitated via the introduction of Secure Video Chat technology, such as Eazyshow which enable low-cost and secure communication among all parties in a real estate investment.

The use of Secure Video Chat technology provides an easy-to-use platform to view properties, documents, and business plans for commercial or residential property investments. The developers can deploy these tools such as Eazyshow right on their own website linked to their secure server to enable document sharing, video chat, and meetings. There is no need to download any client. All parties to a real estate transaction can easily participate including land surveyors, architects, engineers, bankers, lawyers, and financiers.

As a global real-estate developer of multi-family units, we see Eazyshow technology as an extremely efficient way to keep abreast of our various project developments, reducing the need for more regular business travel. We can easily review architectural and engineering plans, see updates in real-time and view the progress on the construction of projects as it happens. In addition, we can present financial plans to bankers and investors and review legal documents with lawyers and our counterparts.

Eazyshow can also reduce the time and cost of due diligence and negotiations of the real estate transaction. This technology is superior in performance and security to third party video conferencing services as it provides the ability to directly launch a video chat session right from the developer’s website. The Easyshow technology also provides for encrypted recording of meetings and is automatically archived in the developers’ secure server.

Eazyshow’s secure video chat technology is likely to help improve the efficiency and productivity of the global real estate development business. With greater efficiency, we can pursue a broader range of deals and increase the profitability of our projects.

Ira Green, partner
PortAviv Real Estate Lda

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