Video Chat Platform for High-Value E-commerce

Video Chat Platform for High-Value E-commerce

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High-end sales and support services are done virtually 


Offering high-value products used to mean having to visit a showroom or being face-to-face. With Eazyshow, retailers can conduct business remotely and conduct business as if they were face-to-face with their customers.

This is an ideal solution for a car dealership call center that needs to quickly answer requests for cars or address customer remote calls in person. The solution lets a salesperson walk outside to the parking lot with their mobile device while speaking to the customer via video to show clients the car they can buy.  If the client is interested, the salesperson can transfer the call to their laptop and continue the remote sale. All of this can also be recorded and archived if needed.

Real estate agents can also leverage the power of Eazyshow by providing virtual tours to their customers as well as signing real estate documents. With Eazyshow, a real estate agent can show a property virtually and submit an offer, all through Eazyshow.

Since Eazyshow integrates with CRMs such as Salesforce, all records are kept in one place and calls could also be initiated from a company’s CRM. So everything can be tracked efficiently. Any company that offers high-value e-commerce can use Eazyshow to increase efficiency, and more importantly, sales.

Eazyshow also help service customers remotely helping them address issues in person via video live chatting platform, without bringing the car to the service shop.

Personalized service with results:

  • Salespeople can communicate with customers using live video chat from any device, browser or app.
  • Collaborative browsing of website pages (both in front and behind a login) and screen share.
  • Complete support in filling in applications for loans remotely. 
  • A new way to offer high-value e-commerce remotely and in person.
  • Entirely browser-based, no downloads or installations required.


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