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Up to 3 agents
Each session is limited
to 25 minutes
$0 / forever


Unlimited agents
Unlimited number
of minutes
$80 / month


Unlimited agents
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Video Chat
High definition video call across devices
Audio Call
Text Chat
Inbrowser notification
In browser notifications ensure you never miss a real-time notification
Secured Screen recorder
Session recording
Live help SDK
A fully configurable solution for communicating with consumers directly from your website
Android client SDK
iOS client SDK
Eazyshow Agent User Mobile App
This app provides the ability to receive clients calls from a mobile device
Session reassignment
In-session screenshots
Incoming session queue
Queue allows calls to be answered in the order they are received
Customer geolocation
Determining of available users
Schedule an appointment
Schedule sessions easily with this feature
Screen sharing
Ability to co-browse a website where both participants are in the same page
Device-to-device session transfer
Ability to transfer sessions across devices including, transferring a desktop session to a mobile device for instance
Encrypted files upload
Ability to encrypt a recorded session file and upload it to a desired server for archiving purposes
Personal customer links
Customer workflow customization
Customer pages white labelling
White labeling includes minimizing Eazyshow's brand name and adding a client's logo for enhanced branding
Salesforce appExchange app
Configurable KYC processes
Biometric KYC verification
Integration with biometric verification process
3rd party integrations support
Eazyshow can be integrated with an existing client's solution
Active sessions dashboard
PDF report with session data
One on one onboarding session
Dedicated customer support
Email Support
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