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Provide remote personal live customer service with Eazyshow whitelabel integrated SaaS video chat contact center technology for the banking and financial industries. Read more...
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Use case scenarios

46% of banking customers seek human interaction


Eazyshow helps financial institutions service their clients remotely while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Law firms, attorneys, can efficiently increase the inflow of new cases, interact with clients, and resolve cases with Eazyshow.

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New insurance customers require in-person interactions to help them deal with increased available data and choices

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Regulated Contact Centers

Contact centers in regulated industries use Eazyshow to engage their clients without the need to meet them in person.

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Purpose built. Easy integration. Enhanced Outcomes.

Multiple Touchpoints

Super secure, individualized experiences through instant video, text, video live chatting and voice chats. Your customers can choose their preferred method.

Powerful real-time analytics

An easy-to-read interface shows real-time and historical performance data, with custom agent KPIs, and customer insights.

Keep it in-house

We integrate with any system and workflow. Eazyshow blends into your website or app seamlessly. Simple implementation and integration with third-party systems mean no changes to your business operating procedures.

Customized agents and management dashboards

A tailored back-end interface allows custom set-up and monitoring which leads to real results.

Virtual showrooms, cross-device

Bring the sales floor to the customer remotely. Your agents can switch between desktop and mobile and share documents as if they were face-to-face.

eKYC and encrypted session archiving

Manage the KYC verification process with ease. Our system archives transaction records for audit purposes.

Our differentiators

Eazyshow humanizes your customer service journey

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