SaaS, imbedded Video Chat solution for the Insurance Industry

Transform customer online insurance engagement journey and improve sales, retention, and claims settlement
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Enhance customer’s experience when selling insurance and improve efficiency

With Eazyshow video chat Saas platform, insurance agents can provide a remote high-touch white-glove personal experience resulting in a more efficient interaction.

By using live video chat, agents and insurance brokers increase the efficiency of their meetings with clients while eliminating the need to travel and meet in person. Eazyshow helps the insurance industry not only with cost optimization but also help fuel growth through innovation and creativity.

Selling complex insurance products requires secure video chat solution

Insurance agents and broker may need to simplify products for remote sales. Mckinsey* research found that many traditional insurance products are too complex for digital sales (even with instructions). More broadly, understanding how to re-create the effectiveness of an in-person, advice-based relationship between successful agents and their customers in a virtual environment will be key.

Telemedicine tools (such as video chat of Eazyshow for conducting appointments and photo- or screen-sharing) can help re-create complex, advice-based conversations virtually while also protecting consumer privacy and security.

Engage through Video chat to compete more effectively.

The business of insurance, which once was stable and predictable, is impacted by climate change and customers expect products tailored just for them. Emerging player ecosystem is threatening to shake up customer acquisition. As a result, industry executives now have to make an array of deliberate and aggressive strategic choices to succeed.

The good news for many carriers is that they still have a competitive advantage that others can’t easily replicate. Yet, they need to be innovative differentiate themselves, and customize products to address unserved / underserved segments or new one and personalize engagement. Video chat conferencing technology gives them one of the tools to do just that.

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Increase in number of personalized video chat session from periods prior to Covid
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