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Meet Customer Expectations with Live Video Chat

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Today’s customers are tech savvy and have high expectations of the service providers and companies they interact with, especially when it comes to communication. They are well aware that in a competitive market, if one business is not meeting their needs they can easily move on and find another that will. Customer-facing businesses – including and especially those operating in regulated fields such as finance and legal – must do everything in their power to provide customers with the personalized communication experience that they want and expect.

In response to the Covid pandemic, which made it hard for companies to provide customers with individualized in-person attention, live video chat solutions rose in popularity. From work meetings to remote family and friend gatherings, a whopping 81% of Americans are estimated to have used video calling during the pandemic. This trend continues even as the pandemic recedes and many companies are finding live video chat to be a convenient and practical way to communicate with customers on the device of their choice and according to their schedule.

It’s All About Experience

Just a few years back, customers tended to judge companies based on their products or services. For example, a bank may have been chosen based on the convenience of the branch location and the interest rates it offered. That is no longer the case – according to a recent Salesforce survey in which 80% of surveyed customers consider the experience that a company provides at least as important as its products.

A large part of that experience has to do with communication. And for the current consumer generation, that means being able to interact with companies at any given moment using the platform of their choice. They want to be able to seamlessly flit from a desktop to a mobile device without missing a beat. They also do not want to waste endless amounts of time on hold only to then have to explain their situation to yet another sales or customer service rep.

At the end of the day, customers just want a simple way to communicate with a company in a way that makes them feel that their individual needs are catered to and their questions can be answered efficiently.

The Advantages of Live Video Chat

Gone are the days of customers going into the bank to deposit a check or deal with the administrative details of their account. An insurance agent or lawyer that offers remote meeting options is more likely to get the new business of a potential customer looking for convenience without compromising on individual attention. Here’s how offering live video chat to your customers will upgrade the experience you offer them and breed loyalty, having a big impact on your bottom line:

  • Saves time – no one wants to take the time out of their busy schedule to attend a meeting to hear about new products and services or to fix a complex customer service issue. Hopping on a video chat means no commuting time and can be done from anywhere, at the convenience of the customer.
  • Improves clarity of conversations – seeing someone’s facial expressions and body language and being able to adjust and respond appropriately in the moment can be key to closing a sale or resolving a conflict. Short of being physically face-to-face, a video chat is a close second and much more effective than just a text-based chat when it comes to preventing misunderstandings and creating good rapport.
  • Offers personalized attention – being able to see the other person in a conversation feels much more personal than just seeing words on a screen or hearing a voice on the phone. With video chat, this personal attention can be offered even if the customer and the agent are not in the same geographical location.
  • Increases trust – better communication and effective interactions will allow agents to develop a good rapport with customers, building a real and lasting trust. The more solid the relationship, the more loyal the customer will become.
  • Reduces cost, increasing profit – let’s not forget the cost-benefit to companies that comes with implementing video chat. The time-saving nature means more customers can be served in a day while making employees more efficient. In addition, happier customers spend more money which is always good for the bottom line.

Advanced live video chat technologies offer businesses with a heavy client-facing element the ability to connect with clients in a personalized way providing the level of attention discerning customers have come to expect – all while saving time, money, and human resources.

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