Video Chat Engagement for Financial Services
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Video Chat Engagement for Financial Services

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Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with remote service


Eazyshow helps banks and other financial institutions expand their business remotely by using dedicated and embedded video chat solutions.  It allows banks to efficiently and effectively serve their customers while offering a variety of services remotely that weren’t possible before.  The solution allows remote live interaction while complying with strict regulatory requirements. This results in exceptional customer service and increased sales.

One key component of offering remote financial services is the ability to verify someone’s identity. Eazyshow enables online Know Your Customer (KYC) to verify the identity of customers before they provide service. Once verification is complete, financial institution agents can work with customers to do everything from filling out loan applications for loans remotely to processing applications and providing a loan acceptance all while interacting directly from the institution’s website or app.  The entire interaction is recorded, encrypted and only special authorized personnel of the bank or regulators can decrypt the recorded sessions for regulatory and audit purposes.

Eazyshow technology enables financial institutions to verify the existence of a business and its location without having to send an in-person representative.  The verification is securely recorded and archived. With Eazyshow, businesses can open new bank accounts much faster.

Eazyshow allows financial institutions to increase customer loyalty and increase staff productivity:

  • Instantly communicate with customers using live text, voice, and video on any device, app or website.
  • Collaborative browsing of website pages (both in front and behind a login).
  • Complete support in the completion of loan applications remotely. 
  • A new, fast way to open new business bank accounts remotely.
  • Simple to implement, entirely browser-based, no downloads or installations required.


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