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Increase Online Sales and Revenue With Eazyshow

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If you own an e-commerce business and are looking for ways to increase online sales, Eazyshow can help. By empowering your sales team with live video chatting, video content, audio conferencing, marketing material, and so much more, learn how you can effectively boost online sales by nurturing leads and up-selling products and services.

Eazyshow is a multimedia platform designed to support the growing popularity of online shopping specifically for highly regulated industries. As more customers worldwide browse online for goods, products, and services, now is the prime time to invest in the power of digital marketing and real-time customer service. But this can often be complicated when you must adhere to strict compliance rules and regulations.

With Eazyshow, you can effectively educate potential customers, highlight your unique selling points, answer customer inquiries in real-time and demonstrate how your products and services work. Show potential buyers how your business and online products can solve problems, add value and even improve their lives. Basically, by using Eazyshow as an eCommerce business, you are breaking down barriers of communication, and positioning your business as transparent, trustworthy, and an industry leader. Which is inevitably going to help you generate more online sales, especially as a highly regulated business. So, whether you want to double your average order value, up-sell orders, or significantly improve customer experience, Eazyshow is here to help!

Online Shopping & Eazyshow In Action

Let’s first take a look at a couple of video scenarios of how Eazyshow can support a luxury business and empower your sales team to secure more online sales.

In this example, the user is searching for the perfect anniversary gift for his wife. We would therefore consider this online shopper a potential customer and a warm lead. When purchasing a luxury gift or expensive item, having a sales representative available via video call to show you the items, answer any questions you might have and explain the key features is so important to build trust. When a user is put at ease by seeing a friendly face, talking to a real person, and feeling a deeper connection to the business, any reservations about placing an order will diminish. With many online shoppers concerned about cybersecurity and online fraud, building trust has never been more important in the world of eCommerce.And once you have converted a customer and they receive a positive online shopping experience, they are far more likely to buy from you in the future.

Thanks to the virtual face-to-face experience, the user is able to select a pair of diamond earrings for his loved one without leaving his desk or wasting time visiting a number of jewelers in person. By saving your customers precious time, you give yourself an edge over eCommerce competitors. Plus, by providing a live online shopping experience unique to the customer you are helping, you are far more likely to close more deals, especially for those that are luxury items.

In addition, with Eazyshow, there is no need to invest in product photography to update your website on a regular basis. Through videos and live product demonstrations, start increasing your online sales potential with Eazyshow, whether you sell luxury jewelry, antiques, clothes, and accessories or even children’s toys. No matter your industry, Eazyshow can increase your eCommerce potential!

Drive Online Sales With Digital Showrooms

Now let’s take a look at another scenario that perfectly illustrates how Eazyshow can enhance online customer experience.

In this case, a client visits a website in search of a new vehicle. As an auto dealership, face-to-face interaction is far more effective in closing sales than product descriptions alone. And Eazyshow can provide a wide range of features for those in the automotive industry.

Give clients a traditional car showroom experience but online, and transform your approach to online sales. Eazyshow enables car dealerships to unlock the power of eCommerce by allowing sales teams to share videos of the vehicles on offer, high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of the cars the customer has shown interest in, and help customers in real-time via live chat functionality. Encourage more people to book a test drive with the help of Eazyshow.

Discover How EasyShow Can Help Your eCommerce Business

So, if you’d like to schedule a demo of Eazyshow and find out more about Eazyshow’s wide range of features that can help you to increase online sales, contact our team today. We’d be more than happy to share more information, case studies and key features with you!


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