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How can organizations address issues faced by remote call center agents?

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Cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence software have been game changers for many industries. Specifically, the increased use of Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has enhanced the operating speed and efficiency of the staff in every sector. This includes the banking industry as modern technological tools for digital banking have become available faster to help improve the quality of its services particularly those used for customer support and call centers.  In its 2021 Global Banking Review, McKinzey & Company reported “Financial institutions with higher valuations…leverage digital channels to interact with customers two to three times as frequently as the average bank.”  Nevertheless, the need for personal touch remained crucial in almost every segment.

Data shows customers rely heavily on email when contacting their bank. However, emails take too long and may expose sensitive financial information to online hackers.  And similarly, text messages are inefficient for answering complex questions or resolving disputes.  In effect, since more complex financial decisions require a greater level of personalization and attention to detail, almost 65% of customers prefer a phone call as a medium of communication with their bank.

The desire for a greater level of individualized attention meant an additional need for technologies that can ensure productivity, efficiency, and security while agents interact with customers, in person, even while both parties are remote.

Secure and efficient communication is one of the significant challenges faced by remote call centers.

 The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional work strategies and operations for almost every industry. Lockdowns and safety measures enforced by governments mandated people to work from home. Like many other professionals, call center agents faced multiple challenges in delivering quality customer care to their clients while working remotely.

In contrast to the expensive hardware and software used in legacy call centers that are difficult to upgrade, the remote work model requires an agile cloud-based platform as a central hub for inbound and outbound communications.  In addition, Call center agents need a secure communication platform to ensure the complete safe keeping of the client’s sensitive personal and financial data.  They should be able to video chat, screen-share, confirm customer’s location from time to time, and occasionally record the entire call to stay compliant with bank security regulations.

The future of professional to client engagement

There are a number of companies that offer solutions that can help address the need of call centers for dedicated video chat platforms.  One example is Eazyshow inc. By providing a secure, embedded, instant video chat service, Eazyshow for example, helps it’s banking and financial services clients elevate individual customer engagements, generate more revenue from each interaction, and simultaneously provide an agile platform for evidencing regulatory compliance. In addition, the video chat option helps address the demand for increased efficiency and productivity by allowing agents to also work remotely.  Call center agents can take video chat sessions launched directly from a website, online app, email, or text application and engage in effective one-on-one interactions with their clients, share documents and co-browse, and solve problems on the spot.

Eazyshow maximizes security and support – the KYC toolkits (including the ability to geo-locate a client as well as ID verification) are a part of the platform – in a unified workspace – so agents don’t have to pivot between multiple applications to communicate, authenticate, and store the conversation details.

Eazyshow enables call centers to increase customer loyalty and improve staff productivity:

  • Instantly communicate with customers using live text, voice, and video on any device, from both an app, or website.
  • Collaboratively browse website pages or screenshare.
  • Provide live support to its clients for important business services such as completion of loan applications, opening new accounts, or resolving critical disputes.
  • Simple to implement, entirely browser-based, no downloads or installations required for your customers.


McKenzie report “Financial institutions with higher valuations…leverage digital channels to interact with customers two to three times as frequently as the average bank.” P38 of the report


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