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Secure video chat for law firms

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From personal injury lawyers to growing practices with hundreds of attorneys, more and more law firms are relying on technology for messaging, communication, and collaboration with prospects and clients.  Firms require a unified platform for lead qualification, client in-take, call routing, and documentation.  Many rely on legal Case Management Systems (CSM) for easier collaboration with their clients. 

Why secure video chat?

Embedding a secure video chat solution in CSM platforms provides a seamless and instantaneous interface with the client.  Attorneys, paralegals, and administrators can quickly create a virtual face-to-face session with their clients at any time and from any device.  

Alternatively, clients can use a video chat option directly from the firm’s website or a link inside an online ad to reach a customer service agent. 

How does a secure video chat solution help law firms?

In the case of solutions such as Eazyshow which offers secure video chat, legal staff can log in to their dashboard from their desktop or mobile devices and instantly chat with a potential client. Without the need for a software download, the client can utilize Eazyshow ‘Live Help’ button which is embedded in the law firm’s website or case management system, and start communicating face to face with a legal representative.  

In addition to instant messaging and video, secure online meetings add an additional layer of security when sharing information. Recorded video chat sessions can be encrypted and archived, allowing firms a means to store and retrieve video sessions as needed and do so with the highest level of security.  Secure video chat makes client-attorney communication easier and helps the parties obtain and share valuable and more in-depth information about a case more efficiently and without the headache of phone tags.  

For new client onboarding, it can improve the quality of leads and reduce client churn rates. Additionally, secure video chat improves staff efficiency with online support to clients with basic questions instead of costly phone calls that do not effectively qualify a potential case or client. The convenience of using secure video chat allows firm representatives to make educated decisions on cases that come through their call center quickly and easily. In turn, call center representatives can understand the type of case they are handling and prioritize workloads

Eazyshow is a platform that strengthens client relationships

  • Create a culture where the focus is on the client: video chat engagements are proven to enhance client confidence and increase revenues per engagement session.
  • Raise the standard of communication at law firms with instant access to video chat from Eazyshow.
  • Embed an intuitive and easily adoptable video chat solution for use by non-technical attorneys and administrators
  • Improve client satisfaction by strengthening client-attorney confidence with face-to-face interaction
  • Help increase organizations’ efficiency and productivity.



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