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Eazyshow Provides Integrated Video Chat Solution for Highly-Regulated and Legal Industries


Eazyshow was founded in 2020.  Eazyshow is a highly secure and compliant video, voice, text chat, and collaboration platform that humanizes online interactions. It brings the customer’s digital journey to life by offering personal, face-to-face service inside of websites and apps with just one click.


Eazyshow offers a live video chat solution for regulated businesses, including the legal industry: a solution that is easy to use for both representatives and clients. A secure and scalable solution that is simple to manage with rich reporting. It is accessible from any communication environment be it PC or mobile device. It offers a full suite of engagement tools including video chat, screen share, co-browsing, integrated identity verification capabilities, and the ability to integrate with 3rd party APIs, CRMs and other environments.

Solution and benefits

The platform includes a tailored back-end interface and agent dashboard that allows sales and service agents to answer calls, record customer data, and route calls to other departments. Managers also have access to rich management tools that offer powerful real-time and historical data on agent performance, custom KPIs, and customer insights. Eazyshow Integrates into the company’s workflow and third-party tools, including CRM solutions such as Salesforce.

Eazyshow facilitates a higher customer conversion rate, efficient completion of sales funnels, and overall growth for our clients.  Eazyshow’s main product is a “contact video chat center” solution for regulated industries. A customer clicks on a live help button, and a sales and service agent answers the customer’s “call” and initiates a video chatting session. Customer and agent can also use screen share, doc share, co-browsing functionalities and use ID verification tools, as well as verify client location utilizing geolocation capabilities. These features and tools “mimic” in-person experience.  This product is mostly suited to clients in a regulated industry (banking, law, medicine). Eazyshow’s secure video chat is also available as integration in a customer management system (CRMs for banking, CMS for legal). An agent (such as a lawyer or banker) can access a specific client’s file/case, initiate a collaborative video chat session within the client’s digital file, and then save the recording to the case/file. Eazyshow’s developers are working on adding more APIs that will allow this integration to be accessed by more CRMs, CMSs, and other client management platforms used by regulated industries.


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