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What is Eazyshow?

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Integrated White-label Video Chat Solution for Highly Regulated and Legal Industries

About Eazyshow

Founded in 2020, Eazyshow was born out of the global demand for instant remote video chat, as part of customer service, for highly regulated businesses such as banking, insurance, healthcare, and the legal industry.

A secure live video chat platform, Eazyshow’s SaaS video chat solution brings the customer’s digital journey to life by offering personal, face-to-face service inside of websites.

Eazyshow’s online video chat solution is especially designed for clients in regulated industries such as banking, law, and medicine, with stringent security and privacy requirements. recorded video chat calls are encrypted and archived, allowing customers a means to securely store and retrieve such recorded video chat sessions as needed.

A collaboration system that humanizes online interactions

Eazyshow’s live video chat provides instant interaction with clients directly from websites or their mobile app. It integrates with 3rd party APIs, CRM, and other business applications.

Eazyshow can be used as a stand-alone video chat tool or embedded as a white-label video chat product, as though built into the client’s platform for a seamless connection, routing, reporting, and collaboration. Eazyshow video chat for free is available for those who have a low volume of customer engagement and expect to see more growth in the future.

Superior customer experience

Using our instant video chat solution, our clients experience higher customer conversion rates, quicker completion of sales funnels, and an improved and seamless customer service experience.

Enhanced professional interactions

A customer clicks on a live help button, and a sales or service agent answers the customer’s “call” and initiates a video chat session. Customer and agent can also use screen share, document share, co-browsing functionalities, and use ID verification tools, as well as verify client location utilizing geolocation capabilities. These features and tools “mimic” in-person experience.

  • Customizable back-end interface and agent dashboard to allow sales and service agents to answer calls, record customer data, and route calls to other departments
  • A full suite of engagement tools such as co-browsing and integrated identity verification.
  • Management analytical dashboards for real-time and historical data on agent performance and customer insights.
  • Encryption, decryption, and archiving of video chat calls
  • A secure SaaS application, accessible from any device.


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