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Increase inflow of new cases and efficiently
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Increase inflow of new cases and efficiently interact with clients

Traditionally a face-to-face interaction, law firms and attorneys in particular, are seeing the value of remote client meetings and realizing an increase in new cases with faster case resolutions.

Eazyshow can help law firms, especially those with call centers to quickly evaluate high volume of incoming calls. Eazyshow helps process leads and maximize the number of qualified leads that result in valuable cases for the firm to take on or sell to another firm.

Call center technology but for video chat for law firms

The Eazyshow dashboard has all the benefits of a call center platform (call answering, routing, user hierarchy, team management, insights, and KPI based on custom filters), but is designed for video live chatting engagements.

Eazyshow is simple to implement and can be integrated with almost any law firm workflow (vis custom build-out and also integrated with CRMs such as Salesforce).

Our advantages

Video chat platform that meets legal industry’s unique challenges and requirements.

Special design

Many functionalities and tools have been designed to meet the unique needs of the legal industry’s online structure. For example, in the video chat window, legal conditions and disclaimers can be displayed while in the session.

Archiving sessions

The legal industry has unique challenges and requirements. Lawyers and attorneys have significant responsibilities regarding preserving client confidentiality. Many discussions that take place may fall under strict privacy rules. Eazyshow’s platform is designed to accommodate that.

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