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Get started with the Eazyshow web app

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Get started with the Eazyshow web app

Welcome to Eazyshow, the web app for regulated industries that provides a secure live video chat platform. This guide will show you how to set up a profile, schedule video chat meetings, do training sessions, and track and analyze your sessions’ activities to help your team improve performance and become more efficient and productive.


The platform consists of three main sections. The Dashboard, the Session, and Live Help.

  1. Dashboard – The dashboard is the solution backend. In the dashboard, you will find management and monitoring tools, and important statistical data. As a user, you will see the dashboard when you log in.
  2. The Session – Once an agent answers a call from the dashboard, the session starts. Once the session is initiated, there are several tools related to the online meetings, which can help enrich the interaction.
  3. Live Help – The live help button can be embedded into customer business flows and allows clients to initiate a session from any place (page-in widget, iframe, link or ad, etc.)



Getting started as a User:

  1. To set up your account, fill in all the relevant fields and click on Save.
  2. To change your password, click the “Change password” button at the bottom of the “My profile” page before clicking save.
  3. Check the account settings – Insert your logo and choose your time zone and preferred language.


Adding New Users/Agents

You can add more users, or agents, depending on your plan. Having more users means more available help for customers, from the same Eazyshow account. Follow the steps below to invite users to use your Eazyshow account.

  1. Click on Account > Users
  2. Click on Add new user
  3. Please complete all required fields. Pay attention to the mandatory fields, which we require for the proper workflow.
    1. Once you’ve completed the profile, you have the option of sending a registration link to your colleague to complete the registration process (the preferred option) or setting up the password for them.
    2. If you’ve already set up a password for your colleague, you’ll need to share it with them for them to sign into the Eazyshow platform.
    3. Click on “Save” – and you are all set! Your colleague will be able to sign into Eazyshow and take calls.

Configure groups/subgroups

If you need to separate your business activities, you can divide users into groups/subgroups.

To create a group:

  1. Click on Account > Groups. Here you will see the list of your groups. Inside the module, you will be able to see details of each group.
  2. Click on Add group.
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields to create new group:
    1. Group name
    2. Group ID
    3. Add subgroup if needed
      1. Enter subgroup name
      2. Enter subgroup ID
    1. Click save changes


The Session:

Once an agent answers a call, a session starts. Follow to steps below to learn how to make calls, and how to set up enhancements from within the session.

Customer front end – What the Eazyshow client sees when they start a session.

How to take incoming calls as a User/Agent

As an agent, you will be able to take incoming calls by clicking on the online tab in the dashboard.

  1. The online tab will show you all the sessions you have pending, including ongoing calls and calls waiting to be answered. Please allow notifications in the browser in order to use all of the features of this tab.
  2. The button on the right will allow you to enable or disable the ring sound.
  3. When the Total button is activated (on the left-hand side of the table), you will see all the calls including parameters.
  4. Once a client has joined the session, you will receive an in-browser notification and the call will appear in the online tab. Click on the blue Eazyshow icon on the right to take the call.

Initiating a customer session

To start a customer session from your end, you will need to create an invitation for a new/existing customer.

  1. From the online tab, click on “start session” in the upper right-hand corner. This will initiate a client invite.
  1. Invite customers by clicking on “invite client”.
  1. You have four different options for inviting customers to a session:
    1. Invite via link – Eazyshow generates a unique link that you can copy and send to the customer.
    2. Invite via code – You will share the code and PIN with the customer, so your session will be protected.
    3. Invite via SMS – You can send the customer a text that includes a link to the session and other details. This option is fully , as you can edit the text to your liking. The send button will turn gray once the text is sent.
    4. Invite via email – This option is fast and simple. Just enter the customer’s email and they will receive the details to join the session.

When the customer receives the invitation and joins the session, you will see them, and they will see you.

In the session

In the session you will be able to communicate with customers with the help of several enhanced features:

  • Start activities: audio/video, screen sharing, text chat (with files transfer), etc. located in right down corner.
  • Make local screen or participant video screenshots during a session.
  • Request client geolocation and save a geo- to ensure location requirements.
  • Co-browsing / Screenshare. This allows you to both look at the same thing in real time.

Note: The above is agent view.  The agent is the lady on the top left corner.

  • Text chat – real-time communication with the customer.
  • Move session to an “on hold” status.
  • You can transfer the session to another agent in case you need to escalate the call.
  • Other options for in-call enhancements include:
    • Display network quality
    • Display a screen recorder status during a session
    • Join an active session (switch to another device)

After the session, you can view the rating and comments, enabling you to track the quality of the session to see improvements day by day. You can also create a client communication link.


Live Help

The live help button can be embedded into customer business flows and allows clients to initiate a session from any place (page-in widget, iframe, link or ad, etc.)

Main functionality:

  • Open a session in an iframe on the same window
  • Customize the Live Help button
  • Support a custom customer logo
  • Support selfie validation in the widget mode
  • Default activity like fullscreen text chat or audio/video
  • Support a call to a specific agent from live help SDK
  • Support to join appointment via live help in iframe

To make Live Help work, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Account tab
  2. Click on the Live Help button
  3. Fill in the required fields
  4. Customize the button
  5. Once steps 1-4 are complete, the platform will automatically generate a script. Just copy the script and insert it into the header of your website. You will be able to see the “live help” button on your website.
  1. The SMS message is fully customizable – you can adit the text to your liking
  2. The Send button turns gray once the SMS is set out.

This functionality helps the representative know where the customer is. For example, a representative needs the customer to take a selfie so they can prove that the customer has an office so the can open a bank account. Part of the process requires documentation of the location. With our application you can do that.

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