Benefits of Online Video Chat Saas Technology for Healthcare Providers

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Did you know that over 50% of patients are willing to use online video chat for their medical consultations? If your healthcare clinic or organization is still not using live video chatting, then you are missing a lot of benefits!

The way we communicate with each other is constantly being redefined, and to keep up with the digital age, it is important for all businesses to keep up with new trends and technologies. With that in mind, the healthcare industry is no exception as it relies heavily on communication!

By improving the mode of communication, healthcare providers can become more efficient and engage with more existing customers and even attract new ones.  By using video live chat software, they can provide the services at a fraction of the time and cost. Communicating more efficiently increases the medical provider’s productivity and improves the quality of service the patient receives.

In this post, we will briefly review some of the benefits of telemedicine specifically as related to online video chat technology in the healthcare industry and see how it can help businesses in the area of healthcare.

Benefits of Online Video Chat for Healthcare Providers

Saves Time

Using video chat helps save both the patient’s as well as the healthcare provider’s time. In a traditional setting, a patient needs to travel to the doctor’s office for a check-up or other health related consultations. However, through online video chat, a patient can connect with the doctor remotely right from their home, office, or anywhere else!

More Revenue

Operating in a traditional setting means that the physician can only provide healthcare consultations in a limited area. On the other hand, providing such healthcare services through online video chat allows care givers to reach patients from additional geographical markets

More paying patients means more opportunities and potential revenue for health care providers and their organization.

More Convenience

Many people get anxious thinking of doctor’s office visit.  In some cases, heart rate or blood pressure of patients goes up when they visit the doctor’s office due to such anxiety.  That phenomena is also known as Iatrophobia (Fear of Doctors).

However, such problems are less sever when a patient connects with a healthcare provider remotely through a video chat solution. Generally speaking, when the customer interacts with the doctor in the comfort of their home, they are more relaxed and comfortable!

Therefore, video chat solution when used in providing care on one hand, can help patients feel more comfortable in getting their healthcare consultations.  On the other hand, the doctor is able to help out more patients in more productive and efficient manner.

Increase profitability

Besides helping the healthcare providers generate additional revenue by being available to more patients during more hours of the day, the use of video chat solutions can also help them cut costs and further help increase profitability.  For example, overhead cost such as rent, utilities and staff can be reduced by using a SaaS video chat technology that help connecting patients and healthcare providers despite them being remote from each other.

If you run a healthcare clinic or in charge of a healthcare organization, if your organization is interested learning more about SaaS video chat solution for your business, please contact Eazyshow to discuss that further.

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