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Four reasons to add video chat capabilities to your business

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Live video chat is the new revolution in customer service and contact centers. In fact, it has been gaining popularity at a tremendous rate. But what’s behind this popularity? From delivering a highly personalized experience to offering real-time service, there’s a lot to like about the live video chat solution.

If you think about it, it makes sense to introduce video chat solutions into your business – On one hand, it improves the customer-business relationship while on the other, it can also deliver more sales to the business!

So today, we will look at the top 4 reasons for using live video chatting for your business and how it can help you outsmart your competitors!

Let’s look at why you should use video live chat software for your business:

 1. Improve the quality of Customer Service

There is a gap in the customer-service activities as the default way of providing customer service is either through e-mail, text, or phone. Today in many instances, customers are expecting a human touch. Via face-to-face engagement, a user can often get a more detailed and quick reply video chat technology allows that to happen.

For both customers and customer service agents, the use of video chat makes it easy to solve issues right away. In the end, it results in improved customer satisfaction, which ultimately helps the business!

 2. Real-Time

Through the video chat app, customers can interact with the company in real life with no delay. Additionally, video chat makes it easy to deliver personalized solutions and advice!

Although A.I.-powered customer service solutions are on the rise, the majority of people still prefer to talk in a live chat as it ensures that the problems are solved quickly. So another benefit is in the form of real-time personalized service, which results in faster resolution.

3. Increased Sales

As mentioned earlier, video chat allows businesses to quickly solve customers’ problems or address their needs. As a result, it results in a reduction in the call handling times and an increase in the resolutions! All of this can result in increased profitability and sales for your business.

For example, when a live video chat solution is used on e-commerce websites, an agent can easily guide and navigate the customer until the transaction is done. You can think of it as an equivalent of a real-life salesperson who helps the customers with decision-making and also answers any potential questions.

Although solutions like video chats are employed mainly for the customers, it ultimately helps the business in the form of increased revenue.

4. Increased Credibility

When a customer calls or texts a support agent, they do not know who is on the other end. On the other hand, videos chat is all about face-to-face interaction and conversion that can make a customer feel more comfortable knowing that they are talking to a real and relatable person.

By just changing the way you interact with your customers and clients, you can dramatically improve the credibility of your business! Considering how the majority of the businesses are still relying on old communication methods (live chat or phone call), you can step up and appear more credible by offering video chat solutions.

 How to Choose a Live Video Chat Solution?

There are a lot of benefits of using live video chat for your business, but it also raises another question: How to choose a live video chat solution for your business? If you are looking for a free SaaS video chat solution for your business, Eazyshow may be a good answer to your needs.

Eazyshow video chat service can be used in the following industries:

And more…

Furthermore, video chat for mobile applications is also available through an SDK making access from mobile devices as easy as connecting via desktop.

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