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The New Approach to Selling Cars Online

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Auto dealers had to adapt during the pandemic and now customers are used to being able to shop for high-value items from home. Many car dealers are continuing this mode of sales now as customers now expect to be able to purchase a car online.

With this in mind, give your business the best chance of success by investing in cutting-edge auto marketing. By offering your clients a premium level of service online, you can give your business an edge over your competitors and start increasing your sales potential. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of providing video live chat functionality on your website, a digital showroom experience as an auto dealer, and how Eazyshow can improve your entire approach and strategy to selling cars online.

Auto Dealers Can Nurture Leads Via Online Chat

Eazyshow is an auto marketing tool designed to help increase online sales. By improving user experience and encouraging more engagement online, its unique suite of tools can help auto dealers to step up their sales techniques. Eazyshow can effectively increase online engagement by 67% and send a massive 16% of visitors directly to your virtual showroom. As an auto marketing and sales solution, Eazyshow helps auto dealers not only secure more sales online but also helps businesses to build trust and credibility. And the more users that trust your business, the more likely they are to purchase a car from you!

In fact, within the first month of using Eazyshow, auto dealers reported exponential growth in both their lead conversion ratios and showroom appointments. Online users looking to buy a car were able to start a conversation with an auto dealer online, whether it be via online chat or video call. And this helps sales reps to move customers further along the sales funnel.

Your sales representatives can easily reach out to customers, open up a conversation with an interested user and walk prospects through the vehicles you have available, building rapport and trust to facilitate a sale or schedule a test drive or showroom appointment. At Eazyshow we have found that 75% of leads nurtured using our auto marketing tools within the auto industry booked a showroom appointment!

Improve Your Auto Marketing Strategy

So, it’s time to optimize your approach to selling cars online and use auto marketing to your advantage. Eazyshow has a wide range of handy features available that help connect your team with potential customers online. Gone are the days of simply waiting in the showroom for a person to start browsing vehicles! Now you can start charming customers with only a WIFI connection and your smartphone device! The platform truly provides an interactive and digital-first customer experience that can increase engagement by an incredible 67%!

Here are just a handful of the auto marketing features Eazyshow offers;

  • Chat and Mobile Text
  • Audio / Video Chat
  • Click to Call (ability to connect calls from web visitors to dealer phone)
  • Co-browsing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Behavior Targeting
  • Share Document Online
  • e-signatures
  • Form completion

The beauty of Eazyshow is that you can pick and choose from our wide range of auto marketing features and build a package that works for you as an auto dealer. Whether you’re an auto dealer who is looking for video chat capabilities to be implemented on your website, or you’d like an easy way to share documents with customers online and request e-signatures, contact our team today.

We are able to put together a bespoke auto package that is tailored to you, your business, and your unique target audience. So, start generating more interest, closing more test drives, and increasing your sales as an auto dealer with help from Eazyshow.

Eazyshow For Auto Dealers

If you’d like to schedule a demo of Eazyshow and find out more about Easyshow’s wide range of features that can help you to improve your approach to selling cars online, contact our team today. We’d be more than happy to share more information, case studies, and key features with you and explain how we can help you secure more sales as an auto dealer.

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