Digital health care

Video Chat Platform for the Healthcare Industry

Patients can receive the care they need remotely
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Remote high-touch expertise

More accessibility with more flexibility
Make it easier for patients to receive the care they need anytime from anywhere. Eazyshow is simple to use by doctors and patients.

Can’t come to the office, not a problem!
Patients can connect with Eazyshow’s video chat using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. You send them the link; they click to connect.


Better patient outcomes

Provide ongoing care, virtually.
Ensure ongoing care by setting up regular remote visits. Schedule calls and send reminders to your patients.

Take your time, do what you do best.
Give your patients the same excellent care. Spend as much time as you need with your patients when you use Eazyshow video chat Saas solution.

Support remote work

Integrate video chat with your website or patient portal
Eazyshow integrates with your applications and workflows and support virtual collaboration amongst your staff.

Our advantages

Efficient and personal patient care

Enhanced patient experience without having to leave home

For patients meeting their healthcare provider online, Eazyshow powers a digital healthcare experience that is safer and more efficient than in-person. Patients get high touch expertise without the need to travel or the burden of a long wait time in busy waiting rooms.

Improve patient-provider relationship

Using a live video chat visit, doctors' offices can consult with or guide a new patient to locate important information on the patient portal, understand procedures, or receive instructions for medical preparations prior to surgery or tests.

Exceptional remote service for patients and doctors

Patients can connect to a live video chat session from their favorite device (laptop, desktop, or mobile). Doctors can share required content. Customizable insights dashboard integrates with patient portal and electronic medical records systems and workflows.

5 sec

Time to connect to Eazyshow video chat


Increase in number of physicians using video conferencing since 2018


80% of doctors using telehealth conduct from the office; 60% do it from home
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