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Video Chat Software Designed For Banking & Financial Services

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In a world that is becoming increasingly regulated, improving customer service and offering video chat software can be challenging. While taking customer service online can certainly make banking and financial services more accessible, it can also cause major concerns in regard to compliance. But, failing to implement new technology and offer alternative ways to contact customer service that doesn’t just involve phoning up and being put on hold can be detrimental to your business.

According to the Ernst & Young Global Consumer Banking Survey data, customer experience is vital in the financial world. It helps financial companies attract new customers and keep hold of their existing client base. Customers who trust their bank and appreciate their banking experience are the most likely to become active advocates, generating more sales through word of mouth. Put simply, satisfied customers fuel a financial company’s growth, which is why financial brands must move with the times and offer video livechat or risk losing valuable customers.

Opportunity & Innovation

To gain a competitive edge within the financial world, banks must now provide an omnichannel customer experience. This typically combines traditional and familiar banking procedures with online banking and customer service convenience. Understanding and adapting to your unique customer’s needs and the digital-first world we now live in will raise the profile of your business in the eyes of the public and break down barriers to communication. Become an industry leader, not an industry lacker!  

Whether you’re helping customers to make a sound financial decision, providing remote customer service, or educating bank account holders about new offers and opportunities, online communication is key. With a network of financial advisors ready to offer expert financial advice online, you can significantly improve customer service and generate positive online experiences. But, of course, there are rules, regulations, and compliance to consider before you can take advantage of new technology in the financial sector.  

The Solution Is Eazyshow

Eazyshow is a secure cloud-communications customer service platform designed and developed for highly regulated industries. We support all types of sales and support teams to help online customers with personal service. By offering online call recording and secure embedded video chat, banking and financial companies can ensure that online communication is recorded correctly, should it need to be accessed in the future. Customers can use Eazyshow to connect with a financial advisor or agent and discuss highly sensitive information without putting their accounts at risk.

By recording customer service conversations, you will have evidence of precisely what has been said by a representative from your company and by the customer. And this will reduce potentially frustrating and stressful situations. As vital evidence, online call recordings can protect your business and help you to be fully compliant.

Not only will you be able to increase your sales opportunities by offering online communication in real-time, but you’ll also have all discussions, inquiries, and advice fully recorded, which can be used for training purposes too. Support your sales and customer service departments, and empower your customers to reach out to your business in multiple ways. Eazyshow can route customers to the right agent, offer customer service on any device, and track performance and conversions, which will help you make better data-driven decisions as a business.

Eazyshow Key Features

Your customers can use a device of their choice to take advantage of a one-click connection to your business via a website, SMS, or landing page. Through text, voice or video chat, communicate in real-time with an agent and use key features such as screen sharing or co-browsing. By instantly connecting with a financial advisor or customer service agent, complex issues or financial concerns can be addressed quickly and easily online. And this is only going to improve your ability to generate positive customer experiences and reviews.

The financial advisor or agent representing your company will gain access to a customizable dashboard to answer incoming calls or schedule appointments. Your customer service team or sales managers can then use Eazyshow to track performance, crunch data and take a look at analytics, create KPIs, assign roles to specific users, and access online call recordings. Eazyshow will upgrade your level of cybersecurity, too, by only granting permission for certain users to access particular parts of your business, as well as keeping track of all communication between your team and your clientele.

So start advising your customers, upselling financial services and helping your clients online with Eazyshow. The most innovative engagement tool for the highly regulated financial world.

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